Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Once order is placed, we do not accept any cancellation or refunds of orders. If you need to make any changes to your orders, please contact us at 9178 8927 or email us at feedme@gorillapress.co with your order number.

Delivery Policy
Delivery charges for all packages and cleanses are free. Delivery charges apply for orders below $89. Upon delivery, we recommend to have someone at home to receive the juices so they can be kept refrigerated as soon as possible.

Refrigerate your juices
Upon receiving the juices, please store them in the refrigerator immediately. The juices need to be chilled at 1 to 6 degrees Celsius at all times. Do not freeze the juices. If you need to bring them out for consumption, only transfer them from your refrigerator to the cooler bags just before you leave home. To avoid oxidation, keep them out of direct sunlight and do not remove the lids of the bottles until you are to consume them. 

High-Pressure Pressed Juices (HPP)
HPP is natural additive-free and environmentally friendly process where the shelf life is extended without any heat or preservatives. Our HPP juices can last up to 28 days.