How do I store my juices?
Upon receiving the juices, please store them in the refrigerator immediately. It is advised to take them out of the cooler bags and store them in the chiller. Please do not freeze your juices and if you need to bring them out for consumption, please keep them in a cooler bag before you leave home. 

Why is my juice separated/looks different?
Our juices are made up of different fresh ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives added. Due to the differing densities of the ingredients, it is normal for the juices to separate. All you have to do is a give it a good shake before drinking and you're good to go! :)

Can children consume these juices?
Yes. Children LOVE our juices. 


I am new to cleansing, how do I start my cleanse journey?
Welcome! We would recommend starting your cleanse journey with our Starter Cleanse that we have specially curated just for beginners! If you have specific objectives that you'd like to achieve, you can try out our Omakase Cleanse and leave your objectives in the comments so we can curate a menu just for you! 

Does cleansing help with weight loss?
The main goal of juice cleanses is to give your digestive tract a much needed reset and detoxification. Many people do lose weight in the process. If losing weight is your objective, we'd recommend you go for our Shape Up cleanse

Can I still exercise while on a juice cleanse?
We will not recommend daily strenuous workouts while on a juice cleanse. However, light exercises are fine for the majority. Most importantly, please listen to your body. We have curated a juice cleanse for those who need that extra protein intake. Check out our Performance Cleanse.

Can I eat on a cleanse?
Every cleanse journey is a personal one. It is normal to feel hungry, especially on the first day. The tip is to stay away from temptation. Please listen to your body and if you're hungry, we will recommend you snack on some healthy treats in between juices. Stock your pantry with some healthy treats



How does subscription work?
When you pick the option to subscribe, you don't have to think about when your products are coming - you'll have a regular frequency of your favourite goods. When selecting a product, you choose your frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly), and can change it anytime by contacting us at feedme@gorillapress.co or +65 91788927.

Can I change my subscription?
For any changes in your juices, do contact us at least 2 days before your delivery date. Please email us at feedme@gorillapress.co or Whatsapp us at 91788927 with your order number.

Delivery Day
Your recurring order will always be delivered on the same day as your initial delivery. For example, if you first order is delivered on a Wednesday, you'll receive your next order on a Wednesday too. If you need to adjust this, email us at feedme@gorillapress.co whatsapp us at 91788927 and we'll help you out!

How does recurring payment work?
When you place your first order, the charge will take place on the same day. Subsequently, you'll be billed every cycle of your subscription on the same day. For example, if you placed your order on a Monday, you'll be billed on a Monday of your cycle and not on the delivery day.

You'll receive an email notification 3 days before your next delivery to remind you about your upcoming charges. 

Cancellation is free after 3 orders. Cancellation within your first 3 orders will incur a $25 fee. Please email us at feedme@gorillapress.co or WhatsApp us at +65 91788927 to cancel your subscription.