Green Cleanse (520ml)

Green Cleanse (520ml)

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Our latest cleanse containing the lowest sugars & calories on our menu!
The Green Cleanse is our most rigorous detox, suitable for intermediate to advanced cleansers who are ready for a lighter and more challenging menu. 

This cleanse kit includes:

1. Green Happiness, 2 x 520ml
Ingredients: apple, bok choy, green pepper, celery, lemongrass, spirulina
The apples bring out the sweetness of the leafy greens in this tropical green concoction. This juice is everything - packed with proteins, essential vitamins (A, B, C, E, K), and antioxidants.

2. Organic No.1, 2 x 520ml
Ingredients: kale, cucumber, seasonal greens, lemon, ginger, apple, spirulina
Leading with powerhouses kale and spirulina, the touch of ginger adds a nice hint of spice to this balanced green juice. Filled with antioxidants to help remove toxins from the body, this juice is great for your digestive system and will be your gut defender.

3. Organic No.2, 2 x 520ml 
Ingredients: kale, cucumber, seasonal greens, lemon, apple, chia seeds
This is our rendition of a green lemonade, both sweet and tart. SuperGreen has amazing antioxidant properties that will provide you with a good source of iron, fibre and calcium.

4. Celery Juice, 1 x 520ml 
Ingredients 100% pure celery juice
Refreshing and a great source of vitamins and minerals - this is the perfect bottle to quench your thirst on a sunny afternoon!