Here’s why you should be drinking more nut milk

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein, nut milks are steadily creating serious competition for the dairy industry and battling soy as the preferred non-diary alternative. Essentially made of ground nuts, freshly blended nut milks possess a velvety milk-like consistency. While an obvious choice for vegans and the lactose-intolerant, nut milks also work for those allergic to soy and modern cavemen on a paleo diet.

Given their unique taste profile, nut milks are a surprisingly versatile ingredient to have in your pantry. They provide a depth of creaminess and richness to food textures, and also add a boost of scrumptious nutty essence to ordinary fare like sorbets, smoothies, coffee, and tea.

To get the best of both flavour and nutrition, it is essential to carefully consider the source and production quality of the nut milks you put in your grocery basket. Look out for hidden preservatives, artificial flavourings, and added sugars. If the nut milk truly has a high-nut content, it will be naturally creamy without the aid of emulsifiers

Getting creative with nut milk

The nutritional benefits of nut milk can be multiplied when combined with superfoods such as raw organic cacao powder or matcha powder. Flavourwise, you're free to experiment with any ingredient you think would complement the creamy canvas of the milk. A winning combination we've discovered pulls together an almond and cashew nut milk with coconut, medjool dates, and Himalayan salt.

Being alkaline in nature, nut milk serves as an interesting foil to the acidic notes in coffee and tannic notes in tea. The coffee lover can get his caffeine fix with a bottle of cold-brew coffee rounded out with a generous splash of nut milk.  

You can even experiment with different combinations of nuts. Almonds are a popular choice, but feel free to throw in pistachios, hazelnuts, and even brazil nuts.

The Gorilla Press approach to making nut milks

With a nut-to-milk ratio that ranks as one the highest in the market, Gorilla Press nut milks are pretty much the closest you can get to the real thing. They are also freshly made with no artificial flavours, preservatives, or processed sugars. The ingredients used in each bottle are carefully selected and individually sourced to ensure the best flavours and quality. For example, only premium matcha powder from the Uji Kyoto prefecture is used for their rich flavour and high nutritional value.

Unlike commercial and mass-produced nut milks, we use the time-honoured tradition of hand-crafting nut milks via the hang-squeeze and double-filtration method, thus retaining maximum nutty goodness and ensuring a silky smooth consistency. Nut milks at Gorilla Press are also only made in small batches to ensure their freshness.

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